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Need a new lock in your home or workplace? Need to replace an old or worn out lock? Call Millbrae Lock. We can replace or repair old locks, and install new locks. We have a wide variety of locks including fingerprint locks, door locks, access control locks, and deadbolts.

Different locks are meant for different uses. Fingerprint locks are a quick and easy way to unlock a door but require power and programming. Door locks are general locks meant for doors, both commercial and residential. Access control locks have special features, such as keypads, entry monitoring and tracking. These too require programming and power. Deadbolts are a very secure type of lock for doors and are used in addition to general door locks. Millbrae Lock can help you choose the lock that is right for you. Our professional locksmiths are ready to install, replace, or repair locks. Give us a call today or contact us.

Fingerprint Locks - Install Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint Locks Millbrae Lock

Fingerprint locks scan allow you to scan your fingerprint in order to unlock a door. This is a secure alternative to other locks, as everyone's fingerprints are different. Fingerprint locks allow you unlock doors quickly with your finger and provide a very high level of security. These are typically used in commercial situations but do have their place in residential as well. Most of today's smartphones come with built in fingerprint scanners. Since most people carry smart phones, the growing trend is for bluetooth activated fingerprint locks via smart phones. Millbrae Lock can help you select the lock that is right for you. Call us today or send us an email.

Fingerprint Lock installation can be very difficult. You need to wire the fingerprint lock correctly, attach it to the wall, then set up the lock. Fortunately, Millbrae Lock has you covered. We offer a lock installation service to install fingerprint locks. Call us today or send us a message to have one of professional locksmiths install your lock properly.

Door Locks - Install Door Locks

Door Lock Deadbolt Millbrae Lock

Door Locks come in many different types. Some are deadbolts and others have special features that make the lock more secure. Some of the most common types of locks are deadbolts, knob locks, and lever locks. Each lock has its advantages. Deadbolts are the most secure types of locks. We have a section describing deadbolts lower on the page. Knob locks are what they sound like. The door handle is a knob and is very common for residential installations.

Lever locks, another common type of lock, are easy to open and secure. They have a lever that you pull up or push down to open the door. There are many more different types of locks that Millbrae Lock carries. We can help you choose the lock that is right for your door. Call us today or send us a message to have us come and help you choose a lock.

Lock Installation - Install Locks and Door Locks

Lock Installation Millbrae Lock

Installing locks can be difficult, and sometimes impossible without the right tools, depending on what lock you buy. At times it is a tricky balance of tools, holding the lock mechanism in the proper position, and then fine tuning the alignment. Fortunately, Millbrae Lock has you covered. We offer a lock selection and installation service. Our professional locksmiths are ready to respond to your call or message concerning lock installation, repair, or replacement. Our three, fully equipped service vans have all the tools needed to install locks. Give us a call or send us a message today to ask us about our lock installation service.

Access Control Locks - Unique Access Control Locks

Door Lock Deadbolt Millbrae Lock

Access Control Locks come with many different features, from keypads to fingerprint scanners. Some access control locks come with card readers and other advanced features. Access Control locks are very secure, and can require multiple passwords or keys to enter.

Access Control locks usually have many ways of keeping doors secure. That being said, access control locks are often very hard to install. You have to install the keypad and circuits for the lock itself. Millbrae Lock can install access control locks. Give us a call or contact us to have us install your access control lock.


Door Lock Deadbolt Lock Installation Millbrae Lock

Deadbolts are the most common and highly secure locks for both commercial and residential doors. A deadbolt is much more secure than a spring bolt lock, another common type of lock. A deadbolt can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder with the correct key. A deadbolt can therefore make a door more resistant to entry and ward off potential intruders.

Need to secure your door with a deadbolt lock? Give us a call or contact us and we can help you select the deadbolt that is right for your door. Installing a deadbolt can be difficult. You need to assemble the different parts that a deadbolt comes with, mount it properly and fine tune the alignment for correct function. Millbrae Lock can install deadbolts and other door locks. Our professional locksmiths are ready to respond to calls for installing locks.

Key Duplication - We Can Duplicate Keys

Key Duplication Millbrae Lock

Need more copies of your keys? Millbrae Lock offers a key duplication service. We are able to duplicate almost all kinds of keys including: security keys, car keys, motorcycle keys, cabinet keys, etc. As the expression goes, its better to have a spare key and not need it, than to need spare key and not have it. We can also customize your keys so that you can securely identify them, assign them to employees, and track them.

In our Millbrae Locksmith shop we have precision key cutting machine that will ensure your keys work the first time. If, for whatever reason, your new keys do not work for, we will be happy to make you a new set. Come into our store today to have your keys duplicated. A map of our location is located on the about us page.

Lock Repair and Replacement - Repair and Replace or and Worn Locks

Lock Repair Lock Replacement Lock Installation Millbrae Lock

As strong and robust as our locks are, with use and weathering they will eventually wear our or break. High volume locks such as commercial access locks or residential front door locks will wear out faster than most. Weathered locks can rust and become unusable or very hard to open due to contaminants and particle accumulating in the lock mechanism. Millbrae Lock can repair locks that have worn out or replace locks that need to be replaced. Most of the time we can simple lubricate and clean out your lock and they'll be back to almost new.

Our professional locksmiths are ready to repair or replace locks. If you don't want to replace a lock, another option is our interchangeable core service. This is where we change out the core of your lock. This allows you to get more life out of the remainder of the lock mechanism. Call us today or contact us to have us repair or replace a worn out lock.

Master Keys

Key Duplication Master Keys

We know what it feels like to have 10 different keys and not know which one is the right one. You've probably stood at your door for while testing all your keys to see which one will fit. Thankfully, Millbrae Lock offers a master key service. Master Keys are keys that will open many locks. These are typically used in commercial settings where you have a number of different locks/doors that you need to allow groups of users access.

Call us today or contact us and we can take a look at your locks and lock systems and make Master Keys for them.

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