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When you think of installing a safe in your home, think of Millbrae Lock. Millbrae Lock has been providing, installing, and servicing gun safes, money safes, fireproof safes, and wall safes in homes and business in the Bay Area for over 40 years.

Though each home or business safe is unique, we carry large, small and commercial size safes to meet your needs. Have a unique location you need a safe, please call us. We can come take a look at your home or office and help you select the right safe for your needs.

Gun Safe - Install Gun Safes at Home or Office

Gun Safe Fireproof Safe Millbrae Lock

Gun safes are meant to store guns and other weapons. The primary intention of a gun safe is to keep the guns and weapons away from children and thieves. The best option is to store your weapons (guns, knives, etc) and the ammunition separately. You want to make sure both guns and ammo have a secure safe they are stored in.

Its also important to have a gun safe that keeps your guns and weapons dry. Many of our gun and ammo safes have a space for dryer or moisture absorbing (desiccant) material. As we mentioned, it is smart to keep your guns and ammo separate and securely stored away from curious hands.

Installing a gun and weapon safe millbrae lock
Most gun safes are permanently bolted down for security reasons. We have a variety of gun safes and are able to order any of the top gun safe brands on the market to suit your needs. Our gun safes are designed to be secure and easy to use as well as easy to mask or "hide."

Need to securely store your guns and weapons? Please give us a call. We can come over to take a look and help you select the right gun safe for your house or business.

Fireproof Safe - Install Home or Office Fireproof Safe

Money Safe Fire Safe Millbrae Lock

Fireproof safes are resistant to fire, and are a very secure way to store important items. Many people use Fireproof Safes to store important documents, passports, family keepsakes, etc. While they are not all rated at the same temperature, they are, for the most part, fireproof. If you plan to store CDs/DVD, Photographs etc, you may need a higher rated fireproof safe.

Millbrae Lock can provide and install a fireproof safe in your home or office. Fireproof safes come in different sizes, depending on the space available and your needs. Millbrae Lock has been selecting, providing and installing fireproof safes for over 40 years in the Bay Area. Have questions or concerns about your fireproof safe? Please give us a call.

Money Safe - Installing Home or Office Money Safe

Money Safe Fireproof Safe Gun Safe Millbrae Lock

Money safes are meant for storing currency. Many people trust Money Safes to store their cash box change, weekly collections and their emergency cash for home and business. Money Safes are generally fire rated. They are generally smaller than other wall and installed safes, making them easy to hide. Though intended to store currency, Money Safes are commonly used to store other valuables such as passports, liens, mortgages, wills and trusts etc.

If you don't have a great deal of space and need a quick, hidden, secure way to store currency, then Money Safes are likely a good solution for you. If you have questions about the different safe designs, locking mechanisms or how to install them, please call us. We'd be happy to take a look for you and help specific a Money Safe, or any kind of safe. Millbrae Lock has been installing Money Safes for over 40 years in the Bay Area.

Wall Safe - Home or Office Wall Safe Installation

Wall Safe Money Safe Millbrae Lock

Wall Safes are secure safes that can be hidden from view. The best protection that a wall safe offers is concealment. Wall Safes easily fits into a wall and attaches to the studs for security. A wall safe is a great choice for keeping items hidden and secure as well as out of the reach of children. Millbrae Lock has installed thousands of Wall Safes over the years and we're happy to come by to help evaluate your needs and available space.

Safe Installation - Home and Office Safe Installation

Safe Installation Millbrae Lock

One of the hardest parts of buying a safe is carrying it to your home or office and properly installing it. Thankfully, Millbrae Lock can take care of that for you. Millbrae Lock can deliver a safe and properly install it. Whether it be a fire safe, gun safe, wall safe, or business money safe, we've installed them. We can use lag bolts though the bottom or back of the safe to the floor or wall studs to make sure that the safes are secure. We can also work with your security company to integrate your safe with your alarm system. Our three, fully equipped service vans are ready to install safes properly. Call us today to purchase a safe and have it installed properly by professionals.

Safe and Vault Opening - Home and Office Vault Service

Safe Installation Safe Opening Millbrae Lock

Sometimes old safes or even new safes will not open. Broken tumblers, dirty mechanism, impact damage, or just plain worn out lock mechanism. Millbrae Lock has a Safe and Vault Opening service. In most cases we will come to your home or office to diagnose the problem with the safe. Frequently we are able to open the safe without removing it.

We also carry high speed drilling machines just in case we can't open a safe by traditional methods. Many times though, we are able to open safes without having to drill through the safe body. Call us today at (650)-583-5698.

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