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Commercial Locksmith: Master Keys, Interchangeable Core, and ADA approved locks

Commercial Locksmith with Master Keys and Interchangeable Cores at Millbrae Lock

Millbrae Lock has been servicing commercial locksmith accounts for over thirty years. Along with general and residential locksmith services we provide essential commercial locksmith needs such as Master Keying, Interchangeable Cores and ADA Approved Locking systems. We have worked with many of the local hospitals and medical facilities, hotels with Master Key systems, SFO International Airport and many of the Domestic and International Airlines. We are certified to install and maintain locks and locking systems that are approved by the ADA (American Disability Act).

Master Keys from a Commercial Locksmith

Master Keys with a Commercial Locksmith at Millbrae Lock

Do you have 10 or more different keys on your keychain? Have you lost track of which key matches with which lock? Or even more importantly, do you need a single key that controls and opens a large group of doors and locks as well as have individual keys for each? If so, you need a Master Key system. Millbrae Lock can make Master Keys that allow you to control group and or individual access to group of locks.

This group can range from small (3-10) to large (100+). Millbrae Lock will help you organize and track your Master Key system and key allocation process. This is used frequently in commercial keying systems such as hotels, restaurants, malls, medical and Airport / Transit. Have questions about a Master Key system? Call Millbrae Lock or contact us today and we can make Master Keys for your locks.

Interchangeable Cores with Millbrae Lock

Millbrae Lock commercial locksmith with ADA approved master keys and interchangeable cores

When your locks get old and stop working properly, there is an alternative to replacing them. Most properly installed commercial locks have an interchangeable core, and Millbrae Lock can change out this portion. Interchangeable Cores are commonly used in commercial locksmithing to allow for quick repair, rebuilds and portability of master keying and re-keying. Interchangeable Cores are also commonly used in commercial settings when security has been compromised. Interchangeable cores allows the commercial business to quickly change key combinations without losing master keying settings.

Finally, when frequently used key access doors begin to show sign of wear and tear (keys sticking, difficult in opening the lock etc.) the interchangeable core can be quickly changed with one of your many "backup" sets, thus allowing the locksmith to rebuild the old core without time pressure and keep the door/lock functioning properly. Have questions about commercial interchangeable cores? Call us today or contact us to have us come and look at your locks.

Commercial ADA Approved Locks

millbrae lock install ADA approvedmaster keys and interchangeable cores

Most of our locks are approved by the American Disabilities act. The American Disabilities Act lists a set of guidelines that locks must meet in order to qualify as ADA approved. ADA approved locks are designed to be easily accessible to those with physical or cognitive challenges. The guidelines commonly apply to the hardware of locks as well as combination systems and keying systems. These ADA approved locks are designed to be easier to open and control while not looking different that most locks.

Millbrae Lock can install ADA Approved Locks and Locking system. Millbrae Lock can also service most ADA Locks or replace them for you. We can help you find the right ADA approved lock that suites your specific needs. Call us or contact us today to have us install ADA approved locks.

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Millbrae Lock provides Master Keys, Interchangeable Core, and ADA approved locks, ADA deadbolts, Commercial lock installation, Interchangeable Core Repair and master keys in Millbrae, San Mateo, San Bruno, Burlingame, South San Francisco, Belmont, San Carlos, and the San Francisco International Airport.